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BK Agency is a communication agency, specialized in brand design and branding for emerging startups, created  on 2020, based in Paris.

In the era of 'Content is King' we produce simple and smart visual identities for ambitious brands and people.

We develop long-term ideas and interpret your vision through design to increase the attractiveness of your business.

For that purpose, we involve you in a collaborative and virtuous relationship.


BK Agency works with friends! We acts with passion, conviction and humanity, by participating in the construction of honest and transparent brands



"Bees are renowned for being outstanding workers.

They are small but respected for their excellence, their glory but also for their fruit that is coveted by all. 

Honey is indeed considered as a symbol of Wealth & Sweeetness but its extraction requires passion and perseverance. In simple words: we must stand up and go get it.


Just like bees, BK Agency prides itself in hard work, determination and fruitfulness.


BK Agency stands by your side to help you seek out and reveal the Wealth that is within you. 

We aim to support small & medium businesses on this journey in order for them to stand out among the competition. We want to witness the emergence of high potential brands.

I know that starting a business can be arduous and that it comes with risks but I also know that your project is born out of your dreams and hopes. That is why BK Agency stands by your side each step of the way. 

From the development of your (online & offline) communication strategy, through the creation of your visual identity and the launch and monitoring of your media campaigns; BK's motto is to help you achieve your ambitions by pushing you to reveal the Light/King inside of you.


Being an entrepreneur myself, I am well aware of the challenges that you will need to tackle and this is why my Agency invests 100% of its resources in each project entrusted to us!


Our mission is to help you create value and generate customer’s engagement."


Bee the King inside of You


 Founder & CEO @BEETHEKING Agency 

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